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22 Snacks for a Ketogenic Diet

Are you thinking of going onto a ketogenic diet? Being on a diet shouldn't mean a short-term quick fix that causes your weight to suddenly plummet, then bunjee back up a few weeks later when you quit. It means that you follow a way of eating that is more sustainable in the long run, with more long term results. Having said that, a ketogenic diet is not suitable for everyone, so make sure you consult a healthcare practitioner before following this type of diet.

Most of us have times in between meals when we feel hungry or the need to have ‘a little something.’ There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to snack between meals when trying to achieve ketosis The best options are generally the most natural, and the easiest to prepare.

Looking for a healthier snack when you are on a keto diet is even more crucial than with other forms of diet plans. It is vital that you know what nutrients you need to consume to keep your body fuelled as you cut down your carbohydrate intake. It is highly recommended to maintain your carb consumption below 50 grams.

The best way to ensure that you are still within your goals is to have a variety of low-carb snacks easily available while you are on the go. This keeps you from grabbing a bag of crisps or some fast food option when cravings hit. Use the list below as a foundation for your new snack list. Mix and match however you like.

  1. Mix macadamia nuts, coconut butter, cheese, and blackberries. No baking required!

  2. Frozen berries topped with heavy cream

  3. Celery with cream cheese

  4. Avocado

  5. Red, green, and yellow bell pepper dipped in cream cheese

  6. Hard-boiled eggs

  7. Cherry tomatoes paired with olive oil or mozzarella cheese

  8. Bulletproof coffee

  9. Steamed salmon

  10. Cheese

  11. Whey protein partnered with kale

  12. Sliced cucumbers with cream cheese

  13. High-fibre nuts such as macadamia and almonds – these are high in healthy fats and protein, needed on a ketogenic diet.

  14. Seeds rich in omega-3 such as chia and flaxseed

  15. Sardines seasoned with Old Bay

  16. Rolled cheddar or Edam cheese with a few olives

  17. Wrap spice-flavoured chicken or pork meats with lettuce leaves

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