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Autumn Detox Programme


🥒 DETOX YOUR BODY & REGAIN BALANCE THIS SEASON 🥒 Are you curious about detoxing and its benefits? This programme focuses on naturally cleansing your body using whole, seasonal foods. Unlike a restrictive diet, this detox aims to nourish rather than deprive you. By following an elimination diet, we remove allergenic foods from your meals and gradually reintroduce them to identify any potential symptoms. If certain foods trigger discomfort, eliminating them from your diet can help reduce inflammation and improve your overall health. Autumn presents an ideal opportunity to detox and strengthen your immune system before the onset of Winter. While weight loss is not the primary goal of this programme, many clients have reported weight reduction as a positive side effect. 🍋🍌 What can you expect from THIS programme? 🍋🍌 PRE-DETOX: Four days prior to starting the programme, gradually eliminate foods from the "Do Not Eat" list. No specific meals included during this phase. WEEK 1: 7 days of eliminating allergenic foods from the "Do Not Eat" list, focusing on consuming healthier whole foods listed under the "Do Eat" category. Includes carefully planned daily recipes, with the flexibility to substitute meals within the guidelines. Week 2: 7 days of reintroducing allergenic foods from the "Do Not Eat" list into your diet, watching for allergic symptoms such as weight gain, mucus in stool, headaches, sinus congestion, cough, etc. There are also daily recipes for this phase



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Autumn Detox Programme Community

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