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Sugar Repair Programme


🍭 SUGAR REPAIR PROGRAMME 🍭 What if I told you there could be ONE thing holding you back from experiencing amazing health? What if just removing that one thing from your life could get you the energy you want, the emotional stability you need, and a life that feels fulfilling and overflowing with potential? That one thing robbing you of a blissful balanced life is… SUGAR. 🙌 Welcome to the ONLY sugar detox programme you will EVER need! 🙌 Get to the root of your sugar addiction and eliminate it for good. With this completely holistic programme, you’ll have all your bases covered so that you can be truly successful in cultivating a healthy lifestyle and a body you love. Most sugar detox programmes are only for 2-weeks to a month long. In my opinion, this just isn’t long enough to see any lasting changes. People give up and go back to the same old toxic relationship they had with sugar before. I don’t want that to happen to you, so I designed a thorough 6-week programme that will provide lasting results within a framework that allows you to still enjoy life. What is included in the programme? 🧐 - A series of 3 one-to-one consultations with me. - Membership of a private group of like-minded people on their own journey to amazing health. - A full 6-week meal plan with delicious sugar detox-friendly recipes. - 2 recipe books with omnivore and vegetarian recipes. - Shopping lists to make your weekly shops quick and simple. - A complete sugar repair guide that walks you through all the extra practices you can do to make sure your sugar repair program creates lasting results. - A tried and tested sugar repair protocol. With this programme, you get massive accountability, guidance, and support to create lasting changes and transform all areas of your life. You’ll never feel depleted, in fact, you’ll probably feel better than ever. 💚


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