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Health: Start with the Basics

With air quality becoming consistently worse, did you know that the air you are breathing in your home can be five times more polluted than outside?

Today's tips focus on clean air indoors. Heating, chemicals in furniture, carpets, paints, cleaners, dry-cleaned clothes, household cleaning products, cabinetry etc. can all be contributing factors.

Give your health a chance when you are indoors:

  • Fill your house with houseplants - They help to remove toxins from the air - some of the most efficient air-purifying plants include English Ivy, Spider Plants and Peace Lilies

  • Indoor air purifiers filter contaminants and pollutants from the air in your home.

Unseen pollutants in your home and at work may be threatening your health - we breathe more than we drink or eat, but pay little attention to the quality of the air that we breathe.

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