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7. Motivation

If you are not happy with one or more things in your life, motivation is the key to all behaviour change. Motivation depends on how much importance you attach to a change you want to make. These tips will help you understand what motivates you the most and what you need to do to achieve your goals:

  • Identify what you really want or what changes you really want to make. What is preventing you from having it or from making the changes?

  • Make sure you have good reasons for wanting change and that the change is positive, personal (for yourself and not someone else's goal for you) and practical (realistic for your lifestyle).

  • Make sure your desire for change is a must and a will rather than a should or a try. The last two just won't work.

  • Make your goals inspirational. For example, setting yourself the goal of losing weight is not as inspirational as setting yourself the goal of feeling fit, healthy, vital and full of energy.

  • Do not let past failures de-motivate you. Remember we are all capable of extraordinary shifts provided we attach the right importance to them. Remember also you have not tried everything. Try another approach and find a greater level of support.

  • Be excited. Change is exciting. Don't think of making changes as a chore but rather as part of your journey of personal, physical and psychological improvement. Focus on how you will feel once goals have been achieved or changes made.


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