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Prevention is Better than Cure: Sleep Tips

Many people are unaware of the fact that poor sleep is a risk factor for cognitive decline and even Alzheimer’s Disease.[1] Every system in our body is affected by lack of sleep. Studies indicate that the average person needs around 8 hours of sleep per night. Sleep is critical for brain detoxification. Research shows that the brain has a unique waste management system, which is activated while we sleep. Sleep is essential for cementing the day’s events into long-term memory. Most of the brain's regeneration process takes place while we are asleep. It is during this time that our bodies fix, rebuild, regenerate and repair.

TT's Tips for good sleep hygiene:

  • Avoid technology for at least 1 hour before bed;

  • Drink caffeinated drinks with caution;

  • Have an Epsom salt bath in the evening. Magnesium relaxes mind and body;

  • Maintain low light in the evening to help stimulate melatonin levels;

  • Maintain a regular sleep pattern;

  • Keep the bedroom dark and the temperature cool.

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