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  • Blood Sugar Quiz

    Many people are concerned about managing their hormones, anti-ageing etc., however blood sugar dysregulation If this quiz indicates that you do have some level of blood sugar imbalance, the month of September will Analyse your results The above are some of the signs of blood sugar imbalance. However, you should take steps to support healthy blood sugar control now. Blood sugar imbalance may lead to more serious health problems such diabetes if left untreated.

  • How Blood Sugar Affects Your Hormones

    Insulin When your blood sugar spikes as a result of sugary foods, your body releases more insulin in One such role is to raise blood sugar. Until blood sugar levels stabilise, cortisol will continue to spike. Eating a diet high in sugar and refined carbohydrates is one of the sure ways of causing blood sugar Take a look at the wealth of blood sugar balancing tips on the website and browse some of the low-sugar

  • 6 Supplements that Help Balance Blood Sugar

    Balancing blood sugar is often an essential prerequisite to many other health protocols. For example, do you have minor blood sugar swings, or do you have insulin resistance? People with blood sugar imbalance often have low levels of magnesium. Vitamin D deficiency can result in blood sugar level issues. It can also improve fasting blood sugar and A1C.

  • Why We Need Spices in Our Diets

    Studies have linked spice consumption to improved blood sugar health, enhanced blood vessel function, Cumin: With benefits for blood sugar health, cell protection, and heart health, cumin is a versatile Garlic: Garlic offers anti-inflammatory properties along with benefits for blood sugar, blood vessel, Ginger: Widely recognised for its anti-inflammatory effects, ginger supports blood sugar health, cell Turmeric: Celebrated for its potent anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric also benefits blood sugar

  • Tackling the Surge in Diabetes

    The amount of sugar in the blood is regulated by a hormone called insulin. Limit or avoid foods high in sugar and refined carbohydrates to prevent rapid spikes in blood sugar. Monitor blood sugar: Regularly check blood sugar levels as advised by healthcare providers to understand how food, activities and medications affect your blood sugar levels. role in regulating blood sugar.

  • Chia Pomegranate Oatmeal

    It's quick and simple, and is a great healthy alternative to sugar-laden toast, jam or cereal. It can lower blood sugar levels, reduce heart disease risk and has anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Gingernut Flapjacks

    These flapjacks are quick and easy to make, full of nutrition and will not lead to a spike in blood sugar

  • Why Sugar Just Might Be the Death of You

    When sugar or simple carbohydrates hit your bloodstream, your body is flooded with glucose and responds This causes glucose levels in the blood to drop, giving you the sensation of 'crashing.' Stevia is a natural sugar that does not lead to blood sugar imbalances or feed candida (a yeast-like Caffeine causes dehydration and blood sugar swings which may cause sugar cravings to become more frequent Being active helps balance blood sugar levels, boost energy, and reduce tension which will eliminate

  • Anti-Inflammatory Bliss Balls: the Health Boost You Need

    Sugar, gluten, processed foods, soda, and alcohol are common inflammatory foods and drinks that many They also contain protein to fend off blood sugar dips between meals. CACAO Cacao beans are loaded with flavonoids that help them naturally reduce cholesterol, lower blood They are packed full of GLA, which reduces symptoms related to cardiovascular issues like high blood

  • Sugar Substitutes Explained

    It's naturally occurring sugar, but it still affects your body in the same way in terms of blood sugar However dates, too, raise blood sugar levels and can trigger insulin releases. While studies show maple syrup does not spike your blood sugar levels as much, it is still wise to use Pure stevia does not cause spikes and crashes in blood sugar levels, thus avoiding an energy roller coaster part) 75% less carbohydrate, so the spikes and crashes in blood sugar levels are lower than you would

  • Peanut Butter Cacao Bombs

    This healthier snack is designed to curb your cravings without spiking your blood sugar.

  • 5 Autoimmune-Friendly Sweeteners

    sugar. It also creates less of a sugar spike and is sweeter tasting than sugar, meaning that less is required into the blood as quickly as sugar. blood sugar. Monk fruit does not cause blood sugar spikes and contains numerous vitamins and minerals.

  • Healthy Mince Pies

    These tasty mince pies are gluten-free and use coconut palm sugar, rather than refined sugar. use almond flour for the pastry, which is low in carbohydrates and actually supports heart-health and blood-sugar blueberries, mango, apricots – dried but unsweetened) Zest and juice of an orange 50g coconut palm sugar optional) For the pastry: 150g of almond flour/ground almonds 75g of coconut flour 1 tbsp coconut palm sugar whisked Method Preheat the oven to 175˚C, then put the almond and coconut flours in a bowl with the sugar

  • Top 9 Foods to Help You Quit Sugar

    It helps to regulate blood sugar levels, preventing energy spikes and crashes, and it also fights bacteria Grapefruit The phytochemicals in this citrus fruit help to regulate blood sugar levels in the body naturally sugar levels. Broccoli Broccoli is one of the most chromium-rich foods, meaning that it naturally balances blood sugar sugar regulation and reduced sugar cravings.

  • Crunchy Kale and Garlic Chips

    It is also a low carbohydrate food so it's perfect for people trying to balance their blood sugar.

  • Summer Fruits Chia Seed Pudding

    They are also great for your digestive system and help to balance your blood sugar levels and get rid of those damaging sugar cravings.

  • Poached Egg with Smashed Avocado on Toast

    So often we opt for sugar-filled foods, such as cereals and jams, that send our blood-sugar levels into

  • Alcohol: The Facts

    Calories in Alcohol Alcoholic drinks are made by fermenting and distilling natural sugars and starch, Drinking a lot in a short space of time increases the alcohol level in the blood, which can impair body Lowering blood sugar levels, risking seizures.

  • What you need to know about GL

    levels as compared to the effect of the same amount of pure sugar on blood sugar levels. Glycaemic Load and Blood Sugar Understanding the GL of a food is a key tool for balancing your blood When your body loses control of blood sugar, weight gain is inevitable, but when blood glucose is balanced When blood sugar is too high, you put on weight more easily. Keeping blood sugar levels stable depends on choosing foods that have a low GL.

  • Should I Snack?

    Foods that convert into glucose quickly result in blood sugar levels rising quickly and then crashing Snack foods such as biscuits, chocolate bars and fizzy drinks all create the blood sugar roller coaster When you take care to stabilise blood sugar levels, the cravings tend to evaporate and it is possible The best way to stabilise blood sugar levels and ensure a steady flow of energy throughout the day is To achieve this you need to start the day with a slow release, blood sugar balancing breakfast.

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